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An impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money 🌳 Powered by $BRKL token 🥦

When billionaires and politicians make crucial decisions on climate change, you’re not invited.

However, climate is everyone’s business. Rising global temperatures will affect the entire planet, from Jeff Bezos to Pandas.

This is where we come in.

Every time you use our Green DeFi products, you earn tradable NFTs pegged…

What can history teach us about DeFi?

DeFi in 2021 is like Wall Street in the 1980s — all about the money, at all costs. It’s natural — all societies go through several stages of transformation, and so do financial systems.

So what happened to traditional finance after the 80s?

Scandals, lawsuits, and a lot of reinventing…

Global warming is a hyperobject — a phenomenon so vast that it’s beyond human comprehension. But how do we solve something we can’t even fully understand?

If we are to solve it, climate action must be a collective decision. Oxford economist Michael Bacharach suggested: people are more likely to cooperate…

We’re excited to announce a partnership with DeSpace Protocol 😍

DeSpace aims to be the most advanced DeFi and NFT navigation platform ever developed, giving users a single interface to access all of the best in blockchain.

DeSpace will use Brokoli in both their DeFi and NFT protocols to make…

Hello Brokolians! We’re proud to finally present to you: our first development update 🥦

Brokoli is a combination of climate-positive DeFi + Metaverse + NFTs — that’s the concept we’ve been working on to bring it all to life for you to use and enjoy 🥞

Let’s go through everything…

Brokolians, are you ready? 👀 Token burn events are coming 🔥

With every week, we announce new clients that will be using $BRKL products as soon as they’re live — but what does this mean for you?

$BRKL is a Deflationary Token

We use the fees that we collect with $BRKL products in the following…

We’re super thrilled to welcome one of the greatest brains in the industry to our Advisor Board — Preston Montgomery, Director of Partnerships at DinoX and Partner at Interchain Ventures 🦖

Preston has joined Brokoli Network as Community Building and Marketing Advisor 🚀

He is assisting us on brand management…

We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with Sator to make transactions on Sator climate-positive 🥬

Sator is a Solana-powered content engagement platform aiming to disrupt the typical TV paradigm, and the Sator community will be able to offset their carbon footprint while streaming or using the platform with…

The day has finally come when we announce the winners of our CoinMarketCap Airdrop worth 20,000 USDT 🤩

Before starting the airdrop, we heard what our community wanted - and we made sure to address your concerns. One of the most common concerns was that airdrops attract people that immediately…


At Brokoli, we aim to bring tokenized incentives to positive climate impact. To do this, we set out to introduce a Deflationary Token Economy — a reward system for Brokolians making a change in the world 🥦


We incentivize $BRKL token holders in the following ways:

  1. Buy-back. We will…

Brokoli Network

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