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3 min readAug 18, 2021

When billionaires and politicians make crucial decisions on climate change, you’re not invited.

However, climate is everyone’s business. Rising global temperatures will affect the entire planet, from Jeff Bezos to Pandas.

This is where we come in.

Every time you use our Green DeFi products, you earn tradable NFTs pegged to the amount of trees you helped plant.

On top of that, you choose where trees should be planted by voting for your favourite tree planting initiatives across the globe.

The Problem

Climate change is the biggest threat to DeFi’s global adoption (we’ve already explained how).

And for good reason — DeFi is superior. It provides speed, cost-effectiveness, and independence from third parties. However, environmental concerns stand in the way of mass adoption.

To give you an idea, a single Ethereum transaction has a carbon footprint equal to 1.5 years of watching YouTube. Not days, not even months. Years.

Crypto is going nowhere if we don’t find solutions to offset its huge carbon footprint.

Brokoli is here to fix it — and you can make money by doing good.

Here’s how

Brokoli’s digital forests allow you to own your impact as fractionalized NFTs. Digital forests will function as a tradable asset, pegged to real-world forests.

When you use any of our products (DEX, lending, yield farming), you make a positive climate impact. This impact then automatically grows your own digital NFT forest.

The more you use our products, the more trees you plant (in both real and NFT forests). Also, the more trees you plant, the more tradable assets you own.

Here’s how you can earn green NFTs and build your digital forest:

Bonus: eco-friendly NFTs

Renowned digital artist Memo Akten calculated that conventional NFT minting is quite literally killing the planet.

We’re doing it differently. We will mint NFTs with a Layer 2 solution. Gasless and impactless.

With Brokoli, you will make an impact. Own your impact. Sell your impact. At 0 cost to you.

We just combined play-to-earn from gaming and play-to-impact in the real world.

And it’s only the beginning of Green DeFi.

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli is an impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money.

Your DeFi transactions on Brokoli plant NFT Trees: a tradable asset that earns passive income.

Brokoli’s core: Environmentally friendly gateway into the most popular DEXs and dApps.

API: Any blockchain platform (centralised or decentralised) can implement our API to allow users to opt-in to a small climate fee that offsets their transaction’s footprint.

Digital Forest / Brokoli Impact Credits: Users receive NFTs based on trees they have funded the planting of by using our products and completing daily quests. Digital NFT forests will be tradable as Brokoli Impact Credits: Corporate Social Responsibility standard loosely pegged to real forests and purchased by corporate partners.

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