NFT Habitats Explained: Metaverse Tiers, Unique Rewards, and VIP Access

Today we announced the start of an exciting journey: you can now stake $BRKL and receive NFT Habitat tickets. But what is it all about?

A good place to start learning about our Metaverse is here. You may already know that your BRO is the key to the BRO Club — in fact, you may have started staking to receive yours here.

Today, BROs are joined by NFT Habitats. This article will be your best guide to decide which NFT Habitat to aim for and why.

NFT Habitats

The Green Metaverse has map expansions for you to explore beyond the Earth’s surface. These can be treated like separate clubs: each club has its own status and its own citizens. While all citizens in the metaverse are equal, some will be more equal than others because they will have “VIP access” to areas unattainable for less equal BROs.

For simplicity, you can think of these exclusive Habitats as separate clubs, and your NFT Habitat ticket will be your passport to enter.

So far, the announced NFT Habitats are Mars, Moon, and Neptune, located in space.

To get to these remote locations, you will have to get the NFT Habitat ticket by staking $BRKL tokens.

But how are the NFT Habitats different?

Each NFT habitat will have unique ways to play & earn. This means that each Habitat will have its unique prize pool and staking pool, from which the club members will draw prizes.

Aside from that, different NFT Habitats will grant you access to purchase an exclusive set of NFT skins and items to decorate your forest.

Also, each NFT Habitat will allow to play a different set of minigames and cash them out as $BRKL rewards.

Lastly, it makes sense to be a part of all habitats to maximize your NFT Forest and income. If you capitalize on all prize and airdrop pools, you will level up much faster than other BROs. Long term, this will grant you superior opportunities, and you will have enough currency to take advantage of them.

In a nutshell: everyone will have a chance to earn from owning an NFT Habitat, but the rich get richer (just like in the real world).

1. Mars NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 10,000 xBRKL]

Mars is the first extension to the Green Metaverse — also known as ‘The Land of Elon Musk’.

While there are still doubters of whether there is life on Mars, you will be able to bring life to Mars yourself.

In the Mars NFT Marketplace, you will be able to buy the first pet of your BRO: the Martian.

Fittingly for the Land of Elon Musk, Tesla or Elon-related activities on social media will grant you bounties.

2. Moon NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 20,000 xBRKL]

Going to the moon is the only purpose crypto traders have.

It is only right that the Moon NFT Habitat is the ‘Land of the Traders’.

On the moon, you will find Moon-native LP farms, where $BRKL holders will get a hefty bonus to their staking APY.

Traders will also be able to publish chart analyses and receive research rewards from fellow traders.

Moon is also home base to the winners of our MoonieNFT collaboration.

3. Neptune NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 30,000 xBRKL]

Neptune is both a planet and Roman God of fresh water.

As water is necessary for the growth of your NFT Forest, it may be called ‘the Land of NFTrees’.

Neptune inhabitants will benefit from different boosts to their NFT Forest growth.

As Forests can be bought and sold, this will act as yet another play-to-earn opportunity.

Neptune will also feature watersport-themed minigames to maximize your earnings.

Besides that, you’ll be able to decorate your BRO and NFT Forest with Neptune-exclusive items and tree species.

While these NFT Habitats are part of the first batch, more Habitats are coming very soon.

Stay tuned for NFT Habitat updates as soon as next week.

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli is an impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money.

Your DeFi transactions on Brokoli plant NFT Trees: a tradable asset that earns passive income.

Brokoli’s core: Environmentally friendly gateway into the most popular DEXs and dApps.

API: Any blockchain platform (centralised or decentralised) can implement our API to allow users to opt-in to a small climate fee that offsets their transaction’s footprint.

Digital Forest / Brokoli Impact Credits: Users receive NFTs based on trees they have funded the planting of by using our products and completing daily quests. Digital NFT forests will be tradable as Brokoli Impact Credits: Corporate Social Responsibility standard loosely pegged to real forests and purchased by corporate partners.

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An impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money 🌳 Powered by $BRKL token 🥦

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Brokoli Network

Brokoli Network

An impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money 🌳 Powered by $BRKL token 🥦

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