Step-by-step: $BRKL — $BUSD LP token staking on Tokensfarm

💰$BRKL LP Staking Farm on BSC is LIVE 🚀

Provide $BRKL — $BUSD LP and earn $BRKL 💰

For 60 days, starting October 11, 2021, a prize pool of 100,000 BRKL tokens will be distributed proportionally to all those who commit liquidity to the $BRKL — $BUSD pair on Pancakeswap and stake it on Tokensfarm.

Stake your LP here:

Before you start, you will need both: BUSD and BRKL in your wallet.

How to provide LP via Tokensfarm

  • Connect your wallet. Make sure you have both BUSD and BRKL on it.
  • Pair $BRKL-$BUSD on Pancakeswap. If you haven’t paired $BRKL — $BUSD in our Pancakeswap liquidity pool yet, you will need to pair them via Pancakeswap by pressing the ‘Add Liquidity to get BRKL-BUSD LP Tokens’ link. Or you can press HERE to be redirected to the LP pool:
  • The button will guide you to Pancakeswap to add liquidity and get the tokens.
  • Insert the amount of BUSD and BRKL you want to add.
  • Pancakeswap will ask you to enable both currencies before you add your amounts to the liquidity pool. This means the platform will ask for your permission to use your BRKL and BUSD in the wallet. Enable them both.
  • This will enable the “Supply” button which, after being pressed, will also prompt a notification from your wallet to grant permission.
  • After that, you will be shown how many BRKL-BUSD LP tokens you have.
  • Approve Tokensfarm for the $BRKL-$BUSD pair. Once you get back to Tokensfarm, you will be able to stake your $BRKL — $BUSD LP tokens by simply inserting the amount you want to stake or pressing “Deposit Max” to add them all.
  • After you press “Approve BRKL-BUSD” the system will ask for an additional confirmation and then will prompt your wallet for a permission request.
  • After you give the permission, your BRKL-BUSD LP tokens will be staked and you will get this final message.

And you’re done ✅


🥦 Top stakers’ reward: top 40 stakers will receive NFT BROs as a bonus reward at the end of the program

🥦 Stakers lottery: 20 lucky stakers will get NFT BROs as an extra bonus at the end of the program

Additional reward:

🤩 10 lucky stakers will receive a ✨MYSTERY NFT✨ surprise reward!

What are the rewards?

When participating in liquidity mining, the earlier you get in, the bigger your rewards.

Rewards can be calculated using the following formula:

APR = (Total $BRKL Rewards per year in USD / Total pool liquidity in USD)

The total reward pool is 100,000 $BRKL plus the BONUS rewards!

Stake your LP here:

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