The ultimate sustainability layer of multi-chain DeFi: AMA recap

We recently had an AMA where our CEO, Haroldas Pakalniškis, introduced in full scale Brokoli’s mission and goals to revolutionise every blockchain towards green. Here’s the entire recap!

Q: Could you please introduce yourself?

A: I am a co-founder of Brokoli Network.

I’ve worked with brands like Nike, Lavazza, Paypal, Venmo among others you might know.

Today, though, I’ll be presenting how we’re making the green movement happen in DeFi.

ESG markets have been the fastest growing across all VC-backed industries — but they’ve never come to DeFi. We changed that.

Q: Could you please introduce Brokoli to our community? What are the vision and mission of Brokoli?

A: I’ll let our intro video do the talking.

Social good + commerce with a purpose has always been the most lucrative opportunity.

Bitcoin ➝ Decentralized
Apple ➝ Privacy
Tesla ➝ Climate

Positive impact = [social change for generations] + [empires worth billions]

Brokoli makes DeFi climate clean & cost-efficient.

This explains Brokoli in more detail:

First some info on how we operate and why Brokoli is essential to DeFi’s global adoption:

  • Every $1 of token mined produces $0.66 in health and climate damages;
  • 1ETH transaction equals the carbon footprint of 130,000 regular card transactions.

At this level, global adoption is not possible. We made DeFi climate positive and solved these issues, at no extra cost for the user. The $BRKL token is at the core of this.

All fees that are collected are controlled by the community. A DAO, token holder vote, decides how to fund climate positive action. And for that, the DAO is rewarded in $BRKL tokens. This token makes DeFi go climate positive, and rewards the community for doing so.

Brokoli is really something that DeFi has never seen before. We made every function of the ecosystem save the planet.

Climate positive companies have always been boring. Elon was the first to change the game. The first Tesla? A sportscar, the Tesla Roadster. Beautiful. Faster than petrol cars. And electric. It was different. So Elon Musk made climate positive action cool.

Brokoli is the second company in history to do it. And the first company in history to actually make climate positive impact a 0 cost to the consumer.

Q: Can you tell us about the core products of Brokoli?

A: So there are 6 essential products:

They cover every function of DeFi. Now, the essential part of what we’re doing is this: we know the DeFi ecosystem is built. It’s just flawed because it’s not climate positive.

So we’re not building our own liquidity pools. Rather, Brokoli is an aggregator. A layer to access all of these DeFi functions.

The difference? Every transaction becomes climate positive.

The key to this is, without Brokoli, DeFi can only go so far. Maybe it can reach 500,000 users. Maybe 5 000 000. But not global adoption because of climate negative impact.

Brokoli changes that for good. We make markets go green by making crypto green. This can, and will take DeFi from a handful of users, to billions of users.

Crypto is the future.

DeFi is the future.

And Brokoli is an essential part to make this future happen.

Q: What are the major milestones Brokoli? What is your team’s orientation for the Brokoli development in 2021?

A: Our goal is to bring the power of climate decisions to the people — the ones that use DeFi frequently.

In the last decades, we have seen climate decisions made mostly by those in position of power — billionaires and the establishment. However, climate is something that impacts the future of everyone, and so we think that decisions about the future of climate should be made by a democratic system. Our DAO from token holders achieves it.

The biggest utility of our BRKL token is thus governance — ability to participate in our DAO and vote on fund distribution to renewable energy, e-waste collection, and tree planting projects.

So we’re working on products that help us achieve this. We’re now working on the testnet version of our first product — the green DEX aggregator. Testnet will be live for alpha testing shortly after our IDO. In the meantime, our dev team is also working on a second product — the API integration.

This API integration already has 10+ projects integrating. The goal is to make ALL of crypto climate positive by either:

  • users using Brokoli’s standalone platform to make every TX climate positive;
  • integrating our climate positivity solution on other platforms.

In short, the goal is to make climate action cool. This video expands on it:

Q: How important is the community to your project? And how can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?
A: The community is at the core of Brokoli. Every decision on Brokoli is made by token holders.

The biggest utility of our BRKL token is thusgovernance — ability to participate in our DAO and vote on fund distribution to renewable energy, e-waste collection, and tree planting projects.

Token utility:

  • Token holders vote on climate offset project funding
  • Rewards distributed to random users of the platform (partially used to buy a Tesla and give to a random user)
  • Token holder rewards
  • Token burn
  • LP rewards
  • Stamp of climate positivity for companies

Q: Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem. Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?

A: We covered most of token functionalities with the last question but there’s always somewhere to expand. What’s essential is this:

  • We collect climate fees in native tokens;
  • Our monetization is then 10%;
  • 90% goes to the planet BUT 10% is converted to $BRKL tokens and distributed to token holders and other functions of the token.
  • But if token holders participate in governance, they get rewards.

Our market potential is huge. With the currect ecosystem, if we take just 10% of the market, our DEX alone can yield billions for the planet. And around 300–400M for rewards to the community if they participate in governance.

Q: The risks related to lending platform is the smart contract risk. So has the smart contract been audited? Is there any safety mechanism to prevent overminting (to prevent any foul play/hacks)? How does Brokoli apply for a witness node or deploy/manage a smart contract ?

A: Like every project, we’ll be audited. But that’s not all, it’s just the first step. We’re actually taking the security game to the next level.

Brokoli Network is partnering with Lossless, the world’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for DeFi protocols to reinforce the platform’s security against smart contract exploitation and hacks. It also prevents rug-pulls and other sorts of exploits.

How this works is that Brokoli will integrate all its $BRKL tokens into the Lossless protocol. This will constructively solidify the Brokoli network’s resistance to security breaches like smart contract exploits, hacking attempts, flash loan hacks, exchange hacks, rug pulls, everything.

Q: What problems do you see in the blockchain environment that is preventing you from growing and what are you doing to solve it?

A: I’d actually say that instead of facing challenges, we solve DeFi’s main challenge. Because if blockchain stays as it is now, we will never apply the technology globally. The networks consume too much energy and leave too large of a carbon footprint.

This is where Brokoli comes in. We are the first green DeFi project to create a green layer for our products like the DEX, NFTs, dApps and more. With us, blockchain will experience a green revolution where the community will have real-time impact.

Q: In the bad situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, every industry was heavily affected. Does it affect the growth of Brokoli team? What are your plans to turn challenges into opportunities for Brokoli development?

A: Covid-19 doesn’t affect the DeFi space — we think it’s actually a time for opportunities since all things went digital. DeFi is digital, so more people will enter the space to use it. More people entering DeFi, more users to create positive climate impact. More revenue for Brokoli and more rewards for our community in $BRKL tokens.



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